Welcome to Pacific Apliance Database

Welcome to Pacific Apliance Database

To legally import and or sell a product regulated for energy efficiency into a participating Pacific island country, such a product must first be registered in that country (limited exceptions apply). In addition, for each and every consignment of regulated products you wish to import you must complete a separate import permit application form.

To check if a product is already registered as approved for sale in your country click on the “Check Database” button below.

This web facility allows applicants (suppliers/manufacturers/traders/importers) to complete product registration applications and/or import permit applications as required. These applications are lodged electronically with your local regulator. This web facility also allows you to track the progress of your applications

For more detailed information on this process go to http://www.spc.int/ 


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To learn more about the energy efficiency program, please click the country below.

Each country has specific requirements and/or restrictions that will apply to registrations and importation.